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Accidents on construction sites do not just happen, they are caused through different factors. As a matter of fact, two thirds of all accidents happen because of human behavior. Why? The construction industry employs a high percentage of unskilled or untrained labor. Risks can easily be misjudged or simply ignored. It is of great importance that workers are properly and effectively trained.

Two thirds of all accidents happen because of human behavior

Root cause analysis further shows that accidents can happen because of poorly-maintained or defective hand-held tools. Tools must regularly be checked and repaired to ensure the highest levels of safety and productivity.

Accidents can also be caused by organizational deficiencies in managing health and safety. This can be for example with regards to training, certification and controlling these things.

The work environment plays an additional role in occupational health and safety. Effects such as weather, darkness, or working at heights pose further risks that can result in accidents.

With all this mind, we place a strong focus on supporting the prevention of accidents on the jobsite. Accidents have emotional as well as economic consequences. We want everyone to feel safe and work safely on the jobsite as much as our customers do. Ultimately, a work environment geared towards improved workers’ health and safety results in higher productivity and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Our customers’ key concerns are also our concerns. We support construction companies in creating positive changes in healthy and safe behavior. Since 2014, we have trained tens of thousands of workers worldwide exclusively on health and safety. Today, we also offer related services that help keep tools safe and manage health and safety in our customers’ organizations.

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