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Tool inserts

See how our power tool inserts are designed to work faster, harder and longer: drill bits, chisels, core bits, abrasives and saw blades

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Looking for Inserts

Hilti has an answer

Whatever the job, whatever the budget, Hilti has a solution for every need that meets your requirements on both performance and price.

At Hilti, we acknowledge you need different consumables depending on the task at hand. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate performance in a challenging situation or a reliable product for everyday applications, you’ll find what you need in our comprehensive range of inserts, fasteners, fixings, foams and other consumables.

Three lines of consumables – Easy to choose!

Three colors, three performance levels, three price points – all under one brand that means quality you can rely on. We’ve made it simple to understand at a glance the differences between the product lines for all our consumables. Our three line approach with consistent names and colors across all product categories, makes it easy to choose the right insert, fastener, fixing, foam or other consumable you need.

Ultimate performance for demanding applications


  • Ultimate performance for demanding applications
  • Highest overall productivity and safety benefits
  • Highest reliability in toughest conditions
  • Complemented by world-class engineering and software support
Premium performance for a wide range of applications


  • Premium performance for wide range of applications
  • High productivity through Hilti system solutions
  • Impressive versatility and reliability
Hilti quality at echonomical price


  • Hilti quality at economical price
  • Standard solution for non-engineered applications

Different needs, one supplier - your true partner

We offer a comprehensive range of consumables covering everything from routine applications to highly demanding tasks – and at the right price points – making it easy for you to fulfil all your needs from one supplier.

With our clear and consistent three-line approach labelling across all product categories, you can quickly and easily find the inserts, fasteners, fixings, foams and any other consumables you might need that get the balance right between performance, productivity and price. Make Hilti your partner for everything you need to get the job done!