Online Credit Application

  • To sucessfully complete this form, please have your documents available: 

    - NPWP, NIB, SPPKP  

  • In order to be eligible for the credit facility, the customer must have completed atleast three transactions with a minimum cumulative value of IDR 5,000,000 
  • You can apply for a credit account by completing the Credit Account Application below. We'll review your account within 72 hours and send you an email once the account is opened. 
  • Partnership Company (CV) is not eligible for credit facility. 
  • Hilti reserves the right to approve or reject the Credit Application based on our internal risk assessment procedures. 
  • If approved and assigned, the credit limit and period will be assessed periodically. In case of any defaults (delayed payments, etc), Hilti reserves the right to remove the approved credit facility without any prior notice. 
  • The application will be deemed void in case of any missing/incorrect documentation or details. 
  • If you require assistance in completing this form, please contact us at 021 789 0065 ext 312 or email us at