Direct Repair Without Approval

Reduce repair process time by Up to 7 days

Starting from 02 March 2020

It is our endeavor to ensure that our tools service give you minimal downtime and maximum repair quality, so we can help you to maximize tools availability and your productivity. However, we often take longer time to repair your tool if we must wait for your approval on our repair quotation, as illustrated by the diagram below:

To help you reduce this precious downtime period, we are launching the new initiative of “Direct Repair Without Approval.”

What is changing?

With this new initiative, Hilti will directly proceed with repairing your tools without your quotation approval if the estimated repair cost is less than or equal to Rp.2,000,000.- (exclusive of VAT). Hilti will still provide the quotation to you. If the estimated repair cost is greater than Rp.2,000,000.- (excluding VAT), Hilti will wait for quotation approval from customer before continuing with the repair process.

What is not changing?

Payment term and mode of payment will remain the same. Customer shall keep the payment ready as per the existing terms


If you intend to change the value of Direct Repair Without Approval, you can provide a different value in the form of pre-approvals. Click below links for more detailed information. 

Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us through your Hilti Account Manager, Customer Service (021-7890850), or email us at

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