25 new apprentices begin training with Hilti

Schaan (FL), August 17, 2016 – At the beginning of the new apprentice training year, Hilti Corporation welcomed 25 new apprentices to the company. All available places in the apprentice training program covering seven professions have thus been taken.

“We’re pleased that the youngsters have decided to begin their careers with Hilti. They have an exciting and challenging time ahead, during which we intend to open up as many new perspectives as possible,” explained Remo Kluser, Head of Vocational Training at Hilti. Among the new apprentices who have decided to enter a technical profession are five girls. There are also three Matura graduates in the “Way-up” program, a shortened two-year vocational training program that opens the door to further degree or diploma studies.

When asked about her choice of profession, trainee design engineer Viktoria Kleinstein commented “I’m fond of mathematics and physics. When I gathered information from Hilti about this job profile, it seemed to be just what I had in mind. The taster course then confirmed my decision.” For Yannick Schädler, starting training as a polymechanic, there were also other decisive factors: “To me, above all, it was the pleasant, friendly atmosphere between the apprentices that I liked most. I was also impressed by the possibilities that Hilti offers after completion of the apprenticeship, such as the opportunity to gain experience working in another country, or support with further studies.”

During the traditional introductory week, the new apprentices had the chance to get to know each other and to tackle their first projects designed to strengthen not only their professional skills but also their social and organizational competences. With this in mind, Hilti focuses on various key points during the entire period of training with a view to giving these young, up-and-coming professionals the opportunity to gain a comprehensive set of skills. Among other things, during the second year of training, the apprentices work on a project in support of mountain farmers. This project is planned by the apprentices themselves in cooperation with a charity organization. Apprentices in their third year of training are required to found their own junior company in which they carry the responsibility for management, marketing, production and finance etc. With a view to giving children some insight into certain science topics, the apprentices in technical professions will also participate in special information events in schools or on Hilti Inventor’s Day.

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