We provide design calculation service of X-HVB Shear Connector Applications on your construction projects

Decking Design Services

While designing a composite slab comprised of steel beams, deck sheets and concrete slabs, it is often necessary to resist shear forces by using shear connectors. These shear connectors need to be attached to the steel structural members before the concrete slab is poured. The selection of the shear connector is fundamental to ensure the transfer of loads and consequently a desired performance of the mixed steel-concrete floors is achieved.

The Hilti X-HVB shear connector is a mechanically fastened shear transfer device for use in composite deck slab construction as an alternative to welded Nelson studs. Our PROFIS X-HVB Design software is compliant to design standards such as Eurocode4 and AS/NZS 2327. 

Please feel free to request X-HVB shear connector design and let us provide the solution to you!

Our service includes:​

  • Cover Letter​

  • Checklist including summary of request and input details​

  • Detailed bill of material per application​

  • Complete software calculation report per application​

  • CAD file drawing per application

  • PROFIS Shear Connector software design file (.json) per application

  • Specification text

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