Rebar made easy

Speed up your rebar installation work while reducing risks on site

Installing rebars can be tedious and time consuming but you can overcome these challenges with our end-to-end solutions for a safer and more reliable installation.

Video demonstrating Safeset drilling

Why choose our solution

All-in-one for drilling and cleaning

  • Eliminate six manual steps in the installation process by cleaning holes as you drill them. With the SafeSet method, your installation time is reduced by at least 25 min per hour
  • 70% of performance is lost when holes are not properly cleaned, which also reduces the quality of installations. SafeSet is a more reliable and compliant method for optimum hole cleaning and consistent anchor setting.

Saving time and productivity

  • Faster installation with equipment that is designed for better drilling performance results in 45% productivity increase
  • Comfortable and easy adhesive anchor injection with a single push of a button, with precision of up to 1.2 ml to reduce anchor wastage by 30%
  • Best-in-class services minimize downtime caused by tool repair means that your work doesn't have to be delayed for longer than needed.

Improved health and safety

  • Tools designed with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) reduces  operator fatigue from exposure to vibration and helps to increase comfort 
  • Choose tools with Active Torque Control (ATC) to help reduce kickback, by stopping the tool body from spinning uncontrollably if a drill bit snags on rebar or other hidden materials
  • End-to-end solution designed to limit chemical exposure during installation of adhesive anchor and eliminate up to 90% of dust on your jobsites

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